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HENNA How-to Class

This beginner class will take you from zero to pro in two hours. Students will learn henna history and cultural traditions and the science of henna. With live demos, everyone will get to learn how to prepare the perfect henna paste, choosing and making your own applicators, henna application techniques, henna aftercare as well as a full design overview.

Every student receives a complimentary henna kit which include 50g henna powder, 1 Jacquard bottle and tip applicator, 3 mylar cone, 5 ml of essential oil, 1 hand stencil, instruction booklet and henna design sheets.

Group rates and private classes available. Email for more information or to be added to the mailing list.


Moor: Moroccan Henna Master Class - more details about upcoming class here

Nic and Kenzi are currently travelling across the US and globally to share their love and knowledge of Moroccan henna with anyone who will sit still long enough. In their Moor Workshop they cover Moroccan henna traditions and designs in an in-depth 5-hour class. This is a rare opportunity to learn from two of the premiere experts in Moroccan henna. The lecture will be followed by an extensive Q&A session with the authors and hands-on demonstration of techniques and designs.

While beginning artists are welcome to attend this course, it should be noted that the basics of henna mixing and application will not be covered. The material covered will be useful to artists of all levels as they further their artistic ideas in henna.

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Library or School Henna Workshops

This henna class, aimed at kids and/or young adults, is a perfect addition to art, social studies or global studies classes. The class can be tailored to meet your needs and usually includes the following:

− History: We discuss the history and culture of henna across the henna-using world from Africa to Asia, including its use by many different religious communities, among them Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Christian communities. Also covered are the new "traditions" of henna in the West.

− Safety issues: How to tell real henna from dangerous “black henna”.

− Recipes and Mixing: Demonstration of how to mix henna, discussion of what henna is and how it works, “secret family recipes”, how to make applicators, etc.

− Henna Design: Traditional henna design, symbolism, regional styles.

− Henna Application : A volunteer receives a sample design to give students a chance to observe and learn the application technique.

− Hands-on Practice: Students receive a henna applicator and practice creating their own designs on paper, on themselves, or on each other. Students are encouraged to create in the traditional style or to develop their own unique style.

Safety and Permission:

We use only 100% natural henna, tea, sugar/honey, and essential oils (steam distilled plant essences). Allergies to real henna are extremely rare, but it is possible that there are people who will be sensitive to any natural substance. Students who have serious plant allergies should not attend. Because henna can last on the skin for 1-3 weeks, we require that each student get parental permission. It is the organizer’s responsibility to get permission for each participant under the age of 18 years.

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