HENNA resources and just some really cool sites
  henna sites
HennaTribe - global forum for henna artists

Nic Tharpa Cartier - henna artist, Boston, MA

Darcy/Henna Lounge- henna artist, San Francisco, CA

Riffat - henna artist, UK

Luma - henna artist, Montreal, Canada

Kree - henna artist, Seattle, WA

Elizbeth Joy - henna artist, Athens, GA

Henna Crone - henna artist, Southern CA

History of Jewish henna by Noam Sienna - excellent historical resource

moroccan sites

Maroc Je T'aime

Marrakesh culture

Henna-inspired Moroccan ceramics

bridal sites

watch this space

art sites

Twisted Lamb - extreme and extremely beautiful fashion photography


Kenzi's Moroccan Food Page
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