moroccan henna book
This groundbreaking book is the product of more than a decade of careful study in an effort to preserve the ancient henna traditions of Morocco. Moor offers a wealth of historical and cultural information about henna in Morocco—a distinctly women’s art form that struggles to maintain its identity in a rapidly changing world. Moor contains over 100 pages of meticulously cataloged Moroccan henna patterns— both traditional and original. Learn the origins and meanings of the Moroccan designs you love, how to create effective Moroccan designs of your own, and how Moroccans incorporate henna into their lives. Fall in love with Moroccan henna—for the first time or all over again.

43 pages of text (covering Moroccan history, culture, henna as well as a comprehensive design manual), 22 full pages of photos as well as other photos throughout the book, and 100 pages of historical and original designs. This book is also available as a bound book through, shipping all over the world.  The softcover is $63 and the hardcover is $76. The hardcover will lie flat(tish) for those of you who want to use the book in your booth/table. These books are 8x10, full-color glossy and contain everything that the e-book does and they look like real books, like the kind you find in a book store.

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moroccan henna book

Moor on the Spot is a collection of more than 80 Moroccan style spot designs that can be created in as little as 5 minutes. This is a great festival book!

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henna book
a repository for all your henna dreams and digressions

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